The Unboxing Experience: How to Define Your Brand and Excite Your Customers

Three simple steps to creating brand magic and inspiring customer loyalty.

Ever open a package you ordered online and think, 'Wow, this is amazing!'? When it comes to making a great impression, unboxing is a key opportunity many retail shops miss.

From packaging to bonus items, unboxing is a simple yet powerful way to earn customer loyalty. Your unboxing strategy can delight your customers; it can set your brand apart in their minds.

And you can bet that by doing so, they're going to tell friends and family about your products. We all know how powerful word-of-mouth advertising can be.

By offering same-day delivery, you have the chance to create that unboxing magic. Just how popular is the unboxing experience with consumers? If you've ever watched unboxing videos on YouTube, you likely have a good idea.

In fact, as of 2017, 36.8% of consumers reported having watched an unboxing video.

So what are some of the ways you can create the ultimate unboxing experience? In this article, we'll go over 3 steps to creating the ultimate brand magic through unboxing.

Step 1: Start With the Packaging

Everyone loves receiving a package; it doesn't matter what it is. Whether it's a luxury treat or a box of pens, that little dopamine hit when your parcel arrives is everything.

That's why unboxing is so exciting. It's the whole reason there were over twenty million unboxing videos on YouTube in 2021 alone.

So the first thing you want your customers to see in that peak moment of excitement is... your brand, of course. You want them to create a neural link between the amazing feeling of getting a delivery and your brand.

Which means you want your brand name and logo right on the outside of the box, so it's the first thing your customer sees.

That's great, you may say, but custom packaging is expensive. Is it really worth spending the big bucks to invest in branded materials?

It definitely is, but the good news is that there is a cost-effective way to brand your packaging; stickers.

They're much cheaper than custom boxes, and easy to add to your plain boxes. You can even add a few of your branded stickers in the package that your customers can use.

A word of caution: using stickers is a great cost-saver, but your boxes still need to look great. Be sure your stickers look professional and don't just slap them all over the box.

Stay aware of how your product will look on the customer's doorstep. If you're not a designer, you can always head to a site like or to find a cost-effective designer.

Remember, half the appeal of unboxing is in the visuals.

Step Two: Add a Personal Touch

People love to feel special, and taking the time to add a personal touch to your deliveries can go a long way. So it's definitely worth putting some thought into what your customers will love.

You can start with a pre-printed postcard or a note, just to tell your customers how much you appreciate them. As you're packaging up your deliveries, all you have to do is grab a card, sign and include it.

But aside from cards, there are lots of other ways you can make your customers feel loved. Try adding a few freebies. Free samples of products that complement their purchase works well.

It doesn't need to be anything major; a little token to emphasize that human connection. Yet it's a powerful way to express your appreciation and show your customers you care.

Step Three: Inform & Promote

Unboxing is such a thrill for customers (if you make it special!), so it's the perfect time to tell them about your brand.

You can design a gorgeous brochure or package insert to talk about what makes your brand special. It's a great opportunity to share your brand history, along with your mission and values.

Be sure to add your social media info and your email so customers know where to contact you. This is also a wonderful place to include a promotional offer; a pretty business card with a discount code, or a special deal on something they'll love.

By adding a bit of love to the unboxing experience, you'll not only thrill customers, you'll keep them coming back again and again.

Offering local delivery is key to keeping your customers happy. But offering an outstanding unboxing experience will make your brand unforgettable.

What better way to encourage repeat business and new customers via word-of-mouth?

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