Offering Local Delivery: Why the Shop Local Trend is So Important

EconoRoute™ Makes it Easy for Businesses to Offer Local Delivery in Collingwood and Blue Mountain.

At EconoRoute™ we're thrilled to be launching a local delivery pilot in the Collingwood and Blue Mountain area.

As a simple local delivery tool for businesses, EconoRoute™ makes offering same-day local delivery easy.

As many entrepreneurs know, the pandemic was rough on small businesses. Home delivery was becoming popular before COVID, especially for Amazon shoppers.

But when the pandemic hit, consumers became more and more concerned about safety. Home delivery was the answer, and delivery service grew at incredible rates.

Overnight, companies like Instacart and DoorDash became household names.

The problem?

These companies were often only accessible to big businesses, or in high population areas. And along with big delivery companies, e-commerce grew; consumers fell in love with shopping online.

Shopping online offered convenience and home delivery; another blow to small, local businesses. At EconoRoute™, it's our mission to bring easy home delivery to small communities.

The ultimate goal?

To support local business in recovering from the pandemic. And to make it easy for business owners to keep up with behemoths like Amazon.

We believe supporting customers in shopping local through same-day local delivery service is the answer.

Here is our list of the top five reasons to offer same-day delivery.

1) Reduction of Carbon Footprint

No matter what your beliefs on climate change, it's important to take care of our environment. Shopping local is a key factor in helping your customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Buying local requires less transportation and much less fuel, especially with batch delivery.

  • Local shops are often located in malls or other shopping centres, which means less urban sprawl and habitat loss.

  • Local shipments often require less packaging and waste.

With all these factors combined, offering local delivery is just better for the environment.

2) Personalized Service

Every consumer loves a personal experience, and shopping local is the ideal solution. Local shop owners are often known to buyers from the area, which gives every business a friendly face.

Often that comes with knowing not just the shop owner but the story behind the business. It's a personal touch that e-commerce shops and conglomerates can't compete with.

3) Better Customer Service

And of course, that personal touch means personal service, which leads to a better customer experience.

If you're like many small, family-owned businesses, customer experience is important to you. And being able to deal with your buyers on a personal level makes it easy to offer.

It's better than anything your customers will get buying from a big chain.

4) It Promotes Local Business

This one is important, and as a business owner you understand why. By offering local delivery so customers can shop local, you support other local businesses.

And it's not only about keeping money in the community, although that's a big part of it. When you support other local businesses you also help create a unique shopping experience for those times your customers shop in person.

A vibrant, local shopping district filled with friendly business owners is exactly what customers love. Especially if they happen to be in the area on vacation or taking a break from their busy lives.

It's a far different experience than the sterility of big box stores and large chains.

5) You Create Local Jobs

And of course when your local shopping circuit is thriving, you're helping to create jobs. After all, someone has to help out all those happy customers!

With new jobs comes a healthier local economy; and the cycle continues.

When it comes to shopping local, the advantages are clear for both businesses and consumers alike. At EconoRoute™, we make it easy to offer local delivery in Collingwood and Blue Mountain.

Want more information on how to offer local delivery with EconoRoute™? Sign up for our beta or get in touch today!