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Find the fastest, most affordable couriers in your area at the click of a button. 

Introducing the

by iApotheca Healthcare

City Edition

... a great timesaver on busy delivery days...


Sean Simpson, Small Business Owner

Pharmacist/Owner Simpson’s Pharmacies, Niagara-on-the-Lake

“EconoRoute has helped us streamline our delivery system in a very positive way. 

The up-to-the-minute delivery status can be accessed by all staff members to ensure that we are providing accurate information to our customers." 


EconoRoute™ City Edition

Is your business located in a major city?

EconoRoute™ City Edition is an all-in-one  delivery tool for
businesses who want to offer premium delivery service at affordable prices. 

It's the fastest, most affordable way to courier your products.

How EconoRoute™
City Edition Works

"...EconoRoute™ easily organizes it all.."

Devin Elias.jpg

Devin Elias, Small Business Customer

Pharmacy Partner& Manager Willowgrove Pharmacy, Saskatoon

“Willowgrove Pharmacy has been using EconoRoute since its inception. After spending much time researching delivery platforms, EconoRoute came out as the clear winner. 

The application does everything we need it to do. 

Optimization of routes, easy set-up of regular repeat deliveries and tracking and signature requirements all in one application allow for a single program to be our delivery central. 

Willowgrove Pharmacy employs three full-time positions for delivery of product and services and EconoRoute easily organizes it all.”

Find The Best Rates & Courier Service in Your Area at the Click of a Button.

With our exclusive EconoRoute™ courier partners, you'll find the fastest, most affordable couriers right in your platform. 

You can choose from Same or Next Day delivery at the most competitive rates available. 


Real Time Tracking & Photo or Signature Proof of Delivery.

Keep customers in the loop with EconoRoute™ real-time tracking. 

Need proof of delivery? You can choose from photo or signature POD.

Detailed Reporting & Compliance Tools

Want to know how your delivery service is growing? EconoRoute™ offers detailed reporting tools. 

Have compliance concerns or getting audited? EconoRoute™ has all the tools you need to keep detailed, accurate records. 


"...very easy to use.."


Curtis Omelchuk

Small Business Customer
Pharmacist and Owner, SterlingRx Pharmacy

“We had started with a delivery program pre-COVID that was moderately helpful. When COVID hit and restrictions became the norm we found the program we had could not handle the volume.

At that time we signed up for EconoRoute and have been very happy with the program. The program is very easy to use, both in-store and when the driver is out on deliveries.

The program optimizes delivery and has resulted in savings in the amount of time our staff member is out of the store (up to 90 minutes a day) and a reduction in gas usage. 

Additionally, it tracks deliveries allowing us to confirm what has been delivered. This program has made a huge difference in our operations and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Have your own in-house delivery service? 

Talk to us about our EconoRoute™ In-House Delivery Software.

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